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The Way We Work
We actually work the way you do. Since this production is about YOU and YOUR company we gather as many details and facts about your business as possible. An up and running current website usually provides sufficient information to create your customized production. Any further information you want to share with your callers will be received via telephone interview or by clicking here. We don’t use a generic message and insert your business name!! From company history to sales and promotions, your Wait On Hold production will be tailor-made to your business.

Once the script has your approval, you’ll have the option of selecting a voice and music that will truly capture the personality of your company. From talented radio male and female voices, classic British accents, Spanish narrators, or even childrens’ voices – the choice is yours! Our sample tracks link makes it easy for you to choose your selection. And of course, if you’re feeling confused by all the options available, a friendly staff member from our studio department will be glad to assist you in choosing the perfect blend of music and voices for your production. Finally, we’ll send you your production in the format you choose.

So, let’s get started…what are you waiting for?

They’re Waiting…You’re Gaining!