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1. What is the duration of each recording?
Our standard productions are 6 minutes in length, as opposed to the standard 4 minute productions offered by other on hold companies. Productions can be upgraded in length to accommodate additional information. This 6 minute duration ensures that frequent callers hear different messages every time they call.
2. How do I know what messages my callers are hearing?
When your callers are placed on hold, they will hear the message currently being played within the 6 minute loop.
3. How do I know what equipment I need?
You don’t need to know – we do!! Just give us a call and we’ll guide you in purchasing the equipment that will work best for you – and your budget!!
4. What if I want to update my message?
Wait On Hold offers packages that are cost-effective and allow you to make changes to your on-hold script at any time. Call us at 877.WAITONHOLD – that’s 877.924.8664 to see how Wait On Hold will fill your on-hold marketing needs efficiently and affordably.
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